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When Buying Solid Wood Tables And Chairs Attention
Jan 31, 2018

Solid wood tables and chairs, comprehensive wood class tables and chairs, all solid wood tables and chairs are all called solid wood tables and chairs. 1, solid wood table and chair: the main parts of the decoration, accessories, accessories, the rest of wood, wood, wood and other wood materials made of tables and chairs. 2, solid wood desks and chairs: made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood plank as base material, surface coated with tables or chairs, or on such substrates, veneers or veneers or veneers are used for finishing and finishing. Solid wood is a solid wood material which is formed by two processing of wood, integrated wood and other wood. 3, comprehensive wood class table chair: base material adopts solid wood, artificial board and other kinds of material mixed table chair.

What should be paid attention to when choosing a solid wood table and chair?

1, when we choose solid wood tables and chairs, we should pay attention to whether it is solid wood or what kind of wood it is. In general, desktop and table legs are not easy to fake. The main thing is that side panels must be paid attention to. In addition, it is to see the workmanship, true and false solid wood table and chair, its trade union has a very obvious difference. With the entering of reference (/ Tasman furniture);

2, such as lines or special styles, can be up to the light and look after is uneven, the line is smooth place, the surface of the paint evenly, touch is smooth, without burr and other problems, to find a light, that is the color of uniform, the craft is not perfect products, must to the light observation.

3, where all parts belong to the hardware, check whether the hardware is compatible with the wood. If the technology is not good, there are common metals on the paint, there are scars on the wood, or there are strong problems.