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The Way To Deal With The Hardship Of The Leather Sofa
Dec 25, 2017

If we find some of their own leather sofa has hardened, it shows the internal fiber leather surface has oil film damage or oil lost, should immediately re on the surface between the internal fiber leather, re infused with good fats - soft leather or model oil skin care agent. The specific methods are as follows:

The leather sofa hardened parts flattening, drop the simulated oil skin or epithelial Beauty King Jialijia leather care agent, natural drying, and then turn to other parts of the same nursing agent. Must not hurry, let the natural absorption of leather. After the 2~3 injection is injected into the skin, the skin will be softened again after natural drying. If one or two days later, still no change, but in the dermis the bottom surface of the electricity hot air to 60 degrees rocked several times, and then hands and put your wallet in the middle, the principle of simulation play cotton, like applause as gently pat the skin fiber obtained vibration, in order to lift its bond. Then the simulation oil pained leather soft care agent, so repeated, more use can be softened.

However, the above method is only suitable for the leathers that have been lost and hardened by oil, which is not suitable for dermis to harden to the function of the skin.

In a word, the time of the leather sofa will be hardened with a long time. As long as it does not lose its function, it can be remedied by the above methods, and it will be effective. But remember, not in the case of no care agent on the hands or other external rub, it will become soft, but also broken fiber leather, leather making mechanical strength permanent reduced, unable to repair, and even lead to cracking damage, and therefore can not be used to impose external force method of hardened leather sofa leather change soft.