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The Advantages Of Iron Wood Furniture
Feb 23, 2018

Ironwood timber very hard. The gas dry density is 1.1~1.33, the average is about 1.25, and it sink into the water. The wood strength is high. Due to heavy and hard wood texture was staggered, so cutting and machining difficulties, especially by hand tools is extremely difficult; but the rotary cutting and forming rotary cutting machining surface can be better. Due to the presence of oil components, use sandpaper, caustic soda solution washing and other surface treatment before bonding, corrosion resistance, high insect resistance, termites and sea slug cannot resist pests, very suitable for furniture material.

Trees are not big, wood contains oil and components, and has self lubrication and wear. Therefore, it has an irreplaceable application in the world as mechanical materials, appliances and other materials. Especially the ship propeller shaft bearing and bearing, slide bearing, industrial machinery model material, pulley, Axion, handle, frame saw slider etc..

Because the resources are now very rare in previous years, growth only in the territory of Guangxi is, but in recent years has basically cleared, is currently only in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries are still. Therefore, iron furniture has attracted more and more attention!