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Solid Wood Furniture Classification And Identification
Jan 10, 2018

Classification of solid wood furniture

1. pure solid wood furniture: pure solid wood furniture is the 100% pure solid wood, and the furniture is used with the whole wood.

2. solid wood furniture: solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood plank, and all solid wood contents are between 80%-95%.

3. wood combined furniture: the solid wood content of the wood combined furniture may only be between 60% and 80%.

What kind of wood is good wood furniture - ordinary real wood

Beech: wood is very beautiful, hard wood, high density, and very few defects, basically no kind of wood bumps. Even beech furniture manufacturers generally do not paint, but after polishing the surface with transparent tung oil, to maintain its original wood color and wood grain. Pine: it has a very good smell of loose fragrance, but it is very soft. It is cheaper in solid wood furniture. The quality of Finland pine texture appearance, simple, elegant clean furniture is very suitable for the children. Cherry wood: Burma cherry wood is the best.  The material and color are uniform, the texture is more straight, the structure is fine and uniform. It is a relatively class of furniture, but there is a big drawback is that the wood color is too deep and red, generally had to do Chinese furniture, not so popular, modern. But this kind of furniture is very good and works very well. Camphor wood: strong fragrance, which contains camphor, volatile oil, back some domestic wardrobe with camphor wood, anti mosquito effect good, but some people can't stand the taste. White oak: this kind of wood is mostly used in European style furniture. Oak has many origins. Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea all have Malaysia, but Korea is the best. Good wood is always produced in cold places. Tropical wood grows fast, and its material is not so good.

What kind of wood furniture of solid wood furniture is good - underneath the mahogany piece, then introduce some common Chinese solid wood furniture materials, and see which kind of solid wood furniture is the best. According to analysts, the mahogany furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties has always attached importance to the material of wood. For example, the name "tripod" mahogany furniture uses high quality mahogany Southeast Asian black acid branch, and its wood is tough and the texture is magnificent. It belongs to the best material of Chinese solid wood furniture.

According to the analysts said, yellow pear, red sandalwood wood: the country in Hainan yellow pear and India purple sandalwood. These two kinds of wood have been basically out of print, and the price of this kind of mahogany furniture is usually hundreds of thousands and tens of millions. Black acid branch: This is also a kind of mahogany furniture that can be passed over for generations. Rosewood: Chinese radical on the significance of the "old mahogany" is made of rosewood in Southeast asia. South East Asian pear tree, chicken wing wood: South East Asian pear tree, its quality and price are better than the common acid branch of South America and Africa. South American and African pear trees: South American and African pear wood furniture has long durable, but does not have the value of the collection.

What kind of wood is the solid wood furniture -

According to the analysts, it is very suitable for the Euclidean solid wood furniture, and the following is a simple introduction to several common wood furniture. Birch: its annual wheel is slightly obvious, its texture is straight and obvious, the material structure is delicate, soft and smooth, and the texture is soft or moderate. Birch is elastic. It is easy to crack and warp when drying, and it is not wearable. According to analysts, birch is a medium wood, and both solid wood and wood are common. Fir: the material soft, easy drying, small shrinkage, Alice crack, good durability, easy processing, surface coarse, strong and easily split strength, good bonding properties, according to analysts, the southern provinces of furniture, decoration of the most widely used class of wood.  Ash: the prime slightly hard, straight texture, structure, beautiful patterns, rough corrosion resistance, good water resistance, easy processing but not easy to dry, toughness, adhesive, paint color, good performance, according to analysts, good decorative performance, the furniture, interior decoration used wood. Walnut: according to analysts, the shiny wood, texture straight or oblique, slightly rough structure, slow drying, but not wood is easy to warp, good toughness, easy processing, smooth cutting surface. The bending, paint and adhesive properties are good, and the nails are strong.

How to distinguish the solid wood furniture

When selected, according to the analysts, it is not only to know which kind of wood furniture is good, but also to know how to distinguish the solid wood furniture. The following tips can help you become an expert in buying and buying.  According to analysts, first of all, observe whether there is clear wood grain on the surface of furniture panel. If there is, look at whether the back of the location board has the same pattern, if it is there, it can be generally identified as pure solid wood, and consumers should pay attention to it. Another simple way is to look at the knots, in where the scars, if both sides have the same wood scar, can also confirmed the pure solid wood furniture. Secondly, check whether the wood in the board or drawer is dry and white, whether the texture is tight and delicate, whether there is pungent odor, whether the surface processing technology is fine, whether the panel is smooth, whether there is burr, whether there are cracks or bubbles in the painting. Identification of solid wood furniture is not good, but also to test whether the force part is firm, and whether there is a clear crack in the board. Move the desktop, pull out drawers, live cupboard doors, test the slipway is normal.