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Matters Needing Attention When Buying Solid Wood Dinette
Jan 15, 2018

The primary condition for choosing a table and chair is the area of the dining area. If the restaurant area is large, you can choose thick and heavy texture, match with the space, moderate size table and chair; if the restaurant area is limited, and the number of dining people is not sure, you can choose a folding or telescopic dining table chair.

Secondly, we should look at the style, the style of the table and chair is best matched with the decoration of the restaurant. If it is not sure, it is best to choose the same style as the table. In comparison with the shape, the round table is suitable for smaller square restaurants, and the democratic atmosphere of the family is stronger. The rectangular table will appear to be atmospheric, suitable for regular party families.  Square table is generally small, it will appear warm and many.

The choice of solid wood furniture is first to check whether the structure is firm, can be pushed longitudinally and tested by hand pressure.

At the time of selection, the same color should be observed in the same color at one meter distance, if the color is consistent, that is, the color difference.

The surface treatment should be the detail such as joint, bend back observation, the joint is tight, whether positive and consistent.

Such as lines or shaped style table, can be up to the light and look after is uneven, the line is smooth place, the surface of the paint evenly, touch is smooth, without burr and other problems, to find a light, that is the color of uniform, the craft is not perfect, must observe to the light.

Where the hardware is connected, check whether the hardware is reasonable with the wood. If the technology is not good, there are common metals on the paint, there are scars on the wood, or there are strong problems.