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How To Recognize The True And False Of The Leather Sofa
Dec 25, 2017

One, smell the smell

The higher the grade, the higher the environmental factor. Because of its natural nature, the chemical raw materials used in the process of making the finished product are very few, so the smell is softer. The smell of the two layers of skin will be more choking, the domestic head of the Yellow cowhide has a faint smell, the first layer of the first layer of yellow cowhide does not smell, only the fragrance of the skin itself.

Second trick: look at the color

The first layer of leather material painting is larger, more than 3m in diameter, and surface symmetry, no injuries or wounds gadfly skin leather; two 2m in diameter to about 2.5m, there are many injuries from leather.

The third measure: tear

According to the relevant requirements, the tearing resistance of the leather material should be 40 kg / sq cm. Specifically, two layers of skin scissors are about one centimeter or so small, adults can easily tear; the first layer of yellow cattle skin cuts the same size of small mouth, so it takes a lot of effort to tear up the male adults.

Fourth trick: try to turn color

Two layers of skin dyed uneven, and easy to fade. Wipe the leather 20 times with alcohol cotton, the first layer of skin color is not falling, leather color, back color and color section are the same; the two layer of skin will fade, and the back section of color and color white.

Leather sofa is the use of the first layer of yellow cowhide or two layers of skin, in the sense of hand, the quality of the difference is very large, the cost is one of the ground in the sky. In the wide range of sofa shops, leather sofa and fake leather sofa coexist. Good leather sofa and leather sofa are in the same place. Expect bad business conscience to find, and tell you the concrete cortex in a realistic way. It's not as easy to distinguish yourself from two strokes.