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How To Maintain Solid Wood Tables And Chairs?
Jan 25, 2018

Even the simple design of solid wood tables and chairs can easily create a warm and comfortable restaurant. When the solid wood tables and chairs bring us the enjoyment of beauty, of course, we should also maintain it reasonably.

1, wooden tables and chairs placed, should be placed flat, often prevent chairs in unstable conditions and the layout of the use of loose, do not hinder indoor socket, switch, lamps and other furniture, and out of the wall 5-10CM to ventilation, also should not be placed in very humid area, prevent the furniture wet swell, long decay. The air conditioner is not available at the side of the stove, and it is easy to crack and deform.

2. On the solid wood table, it is necessary to avoid the drink, chemical or overheated objects on the surface, so as to avoid the natural color of the wood surface. If the plate material, when the dirt more, suggest to use neutral detergent diluted with warm water to wipe once again to wipe the water, remember with a soft dry cloth to wipe off the residual water stains, to completely wipe, and then use the maintenance of wax polish, even if only be accomplished. Pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, in order to make wood furniture.

3, almost all the tables are afraid of heat. Solid wood tables and chairs are no exception. Therefore, when using hot pad on the table, it is necessary to use thermal insulation pad. Otherwise, after a meal is finished, only a circle of white scale is left on the table, and the good mood also flies to nine heavens. In the face of white dirt on the table, you can try the following removal of small recipe: clear white scale wooden table, available with camphor oil cotton, white marks rubbed back and forth along the scale. If you want to clear the white dirt on the glass, you can pour some oil on the place where there is white dirt, and then wipe it out with old stockings.

4, how to do solid wood chairs and chairs scratched? The problem of scrapes on tables and chairs is most commonly found in families with children. Curious and active children often create surprises in your life. Most of the time, you always feel too late. Don't worry, you can solve this problem: the color of the wooden tables and chairs can be used to dye complementary work in place of injured, the dye has dried, and then evenly upper light wax. Using a wooden floor patch, it can also easily remove the slight scratches on the table and chair.

5, mobile hardwood furniture, it is necessary to two people together to lift, lift light light, not hard pull, cross or mobile, not all transfer, transfer of light apart. After the movement is good, please tighten the fastening parts of the layout, and do not differentiate and transform the parts at will.

6, do not use heavy objects to strike the appearance of a solid wood table or chair, or cut things on the table to prevent damage to the appearance. Too heavy items should not be placed directly on the table or table edge, so the center of gravity is unstable or dumped, and even the legs of the table are cracked.