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How To Choose A Good Table And Identify The Table Material
Jan 02, 2018

The original intention of the table refers to the table for dinner. According to the material can be divided into solid wood table, wood table, marble table, marble table, marble table, dining table, dining table, jade jade jade tea table, marble table etc..

How to choose a suitable table chair? How to find a good table wholesale? Style, characteristics, color can not be less, in addition to the usefulness, but also with the style of the whole restaurant.

Hello, first of all, determine the size of the dining area. Secondly, you can choose according to the overall style of the living room, and the shape of the table also has some influence on the atmosphere of the home. A rectangular table is more suitable for a larger party; and the round, the table should choose the style corresponding to the style of the house decoration. If the bedroom is deluxe, we should choose the classical style of European style; if the bedroom style is simple, it can choose the modern simplicity style of the glass table.

If you are the master of the day tasting, the pure red wood table and chair should be your best choice. Well, pay attention to appearance, exudes a deep Guzhuo smell, is of great ingenuity, such a combo chairs certainly impressive; even in the modern family fashion forward, they will lead a lot of praise. Soft red brown chair, woodiness tactility outstanding, simple lines, bright desktop, albedo up the plates clear beautiful shadow posture, with each other, red brown cushion square chair, chair of archaize carve, natural, harmonious, warm and fuzzy lingering in the mind.

The shape of the table has a certain influence on the atmosphere of the home. In general, round table or table used in the family Affirmative less population; for elliptical or rectangular tables in the larger population; as for the irregular desktop, is more suitable for two people to use small world.  Material should be used by high-tech wood table, both affinity and environmental protection, it has a natural breath, conducive to the absorption of the human body.

If you are looking for natural leisure, not decorative carved rattan tables and chairs may be a good choice. Because of the simplicity and the appearance of self, only the shape of the table and chair gives you the impact, the legs or lines are simple, or a few random things are outlined.

What graphics, perhaps the traditional straight back, perhaps is ergonomically streamlined. The color is white, yellowish or light brown, etc. Don't brag, but always say a comfortable, elegant, let you at first glance

Look at the past, it was attracting. Of course cany chair also can be integrated into other elements, such as glass, its wear resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, easy to clean, crystal clear, if the cany table placed a piece of tempered

Glass desktop, not only add a lot of variable elements, increase the brightness, and extend the service life, clean up more convenient.