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How To Choose A Comfortable Chair
Feb 27, 2018

A comfortable chair is particularly important for office workers, but how to choose a comfortable chair, following bigay Jun to introduce 3 key points: first under a chair is the difference, this 3 point is usually quite impossible to chair.

1. armrest

The easiest way to judge the quality of the armrest of a chair, is the arm of the chair is connected to the back of the chair or seat, handrails connected on the back of the chair, when the back, and the back armrest can remain basically the same point of view, so you can get comfortable arm support. The chair armrest is connected to the seat cushion. When the rear seat is turned up, the angle of the seat cushion is inconsistent with the back of the chair, causing the arm to be uncomfortable when facing back. The structure of the handrail does not seem so important in comfort, but it is the simplest way to test the quality of a chair, because this simple design is enough to show the attitude of the chair manufacturer.

2. waist support

When it comes to the comfort of the chair, the most important part of the chair is the waist. It doesn't seem to be any difference between waist and bracket, because although many chairs will have a waist support, it feels uncomfortable to sit up. In fact, the waist support is a relatively high technical part of the whole chair. There are complex mechanical mechanisms connected to the whole chair. Of course, the most practical test method is to sit on its own, regardless of all kinds of posture, whether the back of the chair can completely wrap up the back. In addition, a higher level of chairs, such as the anthropometric office chair, can be adjusted before and after the waist, and are easier to adjust to their comfortable position.

3. tilt back strength

The weight of different people is different, and the strength of the back tilt is not the same. But the inclination of ordinary chairs is fixed, causing the weight less people to be unable to keep up, and the heavy body people depend on the bottom at once, not only without the sense of bearing, but also easy to sit up and turn off. And our solution is that we can manually adjust the tilt strength manually, so that everyone can find the strength of their own weight, so every office chair of human body has the unique sense of tailored.