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The skill of placing the sofa in the living room
Dec 25, 2017

There are many skills in the living room sofa. The most important thing is to match the living room sofa, and only match properly can highlight the style and taste of the living room.

1, Wai style: with a large sofa as the main body, equipped with two single armchair or armchair sofa furniture placement method, it can form a sense of aggregation and enclosure, which is more suitable for a busy family.

2, one word: for a smaller rectangular living room, the sofa should be lined up along the wall and placed in front of the coffee table, which can effectively save space and increase the scope of activities.

3, the corner type: a three person sofa plus a double sofa can form a L like pattern that is nearly the two sides. It's the most suitable square living room, which can break the sense of rules brought by the square space.

4, L type: according to the actual length of the living room (advance good) choice of double or three sofa as the main body, and then choose a single armrest sofa with the match, combined into a "L" shape, the middle with a small tea table, the living room is full of andreinforcethe rectangular living room width.

5, double center: suitable for spacious and frequent living room. Set two leisure area and then split into the sofa, which are divided into two talk space, can communicate with each other and relatively independent.

6, stagger type: a whole sofa can be staggered and placed in a single position, forming a "S" shape. It is very smart and practical. In the wrong place, you can just put the side table, which can be described as novel.

7, symmetry: symmetrical layout is suitable for space layout with conversation as the main function, mainly for leisure oriented traditional living room, with strong sense of location and suitable for rigorous home use.

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