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The purchase of solid wood wardrobe
Dec 25, 2017

The structure of the wardrobe is firm

A small closet in the cement floor mop in the selection, fall gently, crisp sound, explain quality is better; if the voice of the dumb, popping noise, that is not combined with tight mortise structure is not strong.

Veneer wardrobe patchwork Yan lax

Whether paste veneer, PVC paint or stick the paper, should pay attention to whether or stick flat, without bulge, blistering, patchwork lax phenomenon. In sufficient light to check seam.  Ash wood veneer wardrobe is easy to be damaged, with only two years in general. Wood veneer, veneer edge planing peeling than good. The way to identify the two is to look at the pattern of the wood. The veneer of the veneer is straight and dense, and the veneer of the veneer is thinned. Particleboard veneer wardrobe, a part must be edge, edge board will not absorb moisture, swell and damage. The side corner of the general veneer closet is easy to warp. When you pick it, you can pick the corner with your hand. If you pick it up, it shows that there is a problem with glue.

Whether the side of the wardrobe is flat or not

The edge is not flat, indicating that the inside material is wet, and the sealing edge will drop for a few days. The edge of the seal should also be a round angle, which can not be straight and right angle. Use wood seal edge to damp or crack. Three plywood inlaid wardrobe, the bag is placed in a nail, should pay attention to the nail eye is smooth, the eye of the eye and the color of the rest of the same. Usually the nail eye is sealed with putty, to pay attention to whether the putty has a drum up, such as the drum up to explain not, slowly putty will fall out of the inside.

A mirror wardrobe should be taken in a picture

Selected with mirror type such as wardrobe, dresser, clothes mirror, mirror, to illuminate, to see whether the mirror zouse deformation, check whether the mercury mirror rear inner liner and a backplane, backplane unqualified, out of paper, too, otherwise the Mercury will wear off.

The paint part should be smooth

The paint part of the wardrobe should be smooth, smooth, no wrinkle, no pimple and so on. The edge angle can not be straight and right angle, and the slags and lacquers are easily disintegrated at the straight edge. In the door of the wardrobe, a paint should also be painted, and the unpainted board is easy to bend and not beautiful. Special tips: be sure to check the door lock switch is clever; large cabinets should be installed 3 concealed hinges, some only 2 not; the 3 screws, some shoddy work, only one screw, use will fall.

Choose a reputable store

Before the purchase to understand the quality of goods carefully, of course, can greatly reduce the chance of buying goods. But because of the weather or other natural factors due to the quality problem also is difficult to completely avoid, so in the purchase of furniture, to ensure the customer service and reputable professional furniture stores, even once the consumption, also can get customer service service, for your furniture "longevity happiness".

Whether the wardrobe material is reasonable or not

Different wardrobes, surface materials are different. Such as tables, chairs, cabinet legs, with hardwood, relatively strong, capable of bearing load, and the internal materials of other materials are available; coat cabinet legs, the required thickness of 2.5 cm, thick it is clumsy, easy to bend the thin deformation; the kitchen and bathroom cabinets can not be used in fiber, and should use three plywood, fiberboard because water expands the damage; table should be washable. Found that wood has insect eyes, out at the end that is not thoroughly dried. After checking the surface, we must open the cupboard door and the drawer door to see if the inner material is rotten. It can be pinched with fingernails and pinched into it, which means the material is rotten. After the doors opened with a nose to smell, if red nose, eyes, tears, that because the formaldehyde content is too high, will be harmful to the human body. Special tips: the common market wardrobe mainly divided into solid wood wardrobe and plate wardrobe, pure solid wood wardrobe because of its high price, not the mainstream.

(1) solid wood skin wardrobe: the main components of wardrobe are solid wood, and the base material of large part is also artificial board. Only on the surface of wood-based panel is a layer of 1MM thick wooden skin, and then paint is made. Visual effects and tactile effects are very like real wood, and ordinary consumers are not easy to identify. Most of them look like solid wood wardrobes, and we must pay attention to it.

(2), plate wardrobe: this wardrobe is the mainstream of the market, processing is simple, material, manufacturing cost is low, environmental protection is better, price is relatively cheap. The so-called board refers to the artificial board, many kinds of wood-based panels, used in the wardrobe mainly particleboard, fiberboard, plywood. On the surface of the wood-based panel, the melamine paper has become a "melamine plate", and paster impregnated paper will become a famous "FireBoard"... It is important to note that the medium density plate is not suitable for the cabinet.

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