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Solid wood tables and chairs how to eliminate injuries
Dec 25, 2017

Solid wood furniture fine texture, choose the tables and chairs to do more and more guests furniture, always in the process of using accidentally some small scratches, the scratch is not difficult to remove, the key is to eliminate in time, can not be delayed, otherwise it is easy to cause permanent mark, solid wood table and chair, much of it in a block of wood mosaic and so, should pay special attention to;

When there are all kinds of "Scar" in the wood table and chair, it should be eliminated in time, otherwise the permanent trace will be left. At this time, several methods to remove the "Scar" of the wood table and chair are introduced.

(1) accidentally scratched wooden tables and chairs, but did not touch the film under the wood, use cotton dipped in a little wax melting, coated film rub, covered with scars. When the wax is hardened, then a layer, so repeated several times, the scratch will not be visible.

(2) if the wood furniture film cigarette or not extinguish the match, burning left scorch, without burning the wood paint, with a small fine lines hard cloth bag, a chopstick head, gently wipe the burn marks, and then coated with a thin layer of wax liquid, marks can be removed.

(3) the utensils of the solid wood table and chair placed directly on the hot water will leave a white round scar on the wood table and chair. In general, as long as it is wiped in time, it will be removed. But if the hot streak is too deep, you have to use ordinary iodine gently wipe on it, or besmear on very hot mark some Vaseline, after two days, with a soft cloth to wipe, can be removed very hot mark. You can also use soft cloth dipped in alcohol, perfume or kerosene, and wipe it vigorously. The white hot marks will be removed. Once the hot marks are removed, wipe the soft cloth with water and then apply a layer of light wax.

Many solid wood tables and chairs in the force part of the use of solid wood, the rest of the high density plate, is also to prevent seasonal heat expansion and contraction. Even if the humidity of the summer is relatively high, the wood will only expand slightly, and these natural changes do not affect the durability of high quality solid wood tables.

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