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Solid wood desk buying tips
Dec 25, 2017

The use of solid wood desk can improve the quality of the whole space. Solid wood desk is a very common form in the desk. Many parents or white-collar workers prefer this kind of desk. So what are the solid wood desks and the buying skills?

One, what is a solid wood desk

Nantong wood furniture wood desk for writing or reading with the table, usually with a drawer, and the grid file holder, usually made of wood, wood is sawn timber or wood plate for the finishing processing surface, or by making the base material, wood veneer or veneer on such substrates (veneer veneer) then, finishing processing of the desk, the desk is widely popular with consumers and trust, both natural and no chemical pollution, this is definitely the best choice for the modern healthy life, with modern urban nature's psychological needs, materials from nature, reflects the harmonious relationship between people and the environment, the designers of love with these materials, adding to the people-oriented, nature based modern design concept, it can pull people and materials, the distance between man and nature, give a person a kind of intimacy.

Two. What are the techniques for the selection and purchase of solid wood desks

1, the selection of wood desk, is the most important raw material judgment, solid wood furniture market chaos, often appear shoddy, confused species of things, it is best to buy brand-name products, at the same time to note that the price of wood is rising too cheap in absolute lie. The cheapest pine, oak, mahogany to expensive, the price difference of dozens of times, so don't because it is not considered wood species. In addition, the same tree species, according to different places of origin are also different, for example, the price of Finland pine is usually twice as high as that of domestic pine.

2, good solid wood desk, the use of tenon and grooves and other ways to connect, in the local weight bearing relatively large, also with screws and protective blocks and other ways to reinforce. If you see solid wood furniture, all of them are fixed with screws, then the firmness of these types of furniture is not high. Judging the firmness of the furniture, it can be judged by the stability of the shaking furniture. The drawer should be strong and firm and tighten the screws inside. Might as well pull the drawer, the active desktop, cupboard door, to see if it can ensure that appropriate and correct connection.

3. Open the door and drawer of the solid wood desk, and observe whether the wood is dry and white, and the texture is close and delicate. If there is a piece of furniture made of particleboard, density board and a molding board, open the cabinet door or drawer and smell to see if there is any irritating smell. Mainly by bearing horizontal force between parts such as column and column connection near the surface of the furniture, should not have the scars or cracks. The structure is strong, the frame must not loose, it is not allowed to break the tenon and the material is broken, the appearance looks like a pattern, then corresponds to this pattern change position, looks at the corresponding pattern on the back of the cabinet door, if the correspondence is very good, it is the pure solid wood.

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