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Solid wood coat rack purchase and collocation skills
Dec 25, 2017

In real life, solid wood coat rack is much more used than metal material, because the coat rack of solid wood is heavier than metal material, so it will play a supporting role of balance. And the solid wood coat rack is not easy to corrode with the metal material. So what's the skill of buying a solid wood coat rack? What about the real wood coat rack collocation?

Selection and purchase of solid wood caps

Practicality principle: in real life, wooden coat rack is more practical than metal material, because wooden coat rack will be slightly heavier than metal material, so that it will play a balance supporting role.

The principle of beauty: in general, the modern sense of metal material is stronger. And the wood is usually more simple and simple.

Economic principles: coatrack metal and wood and the relative price is higher, and the plastic rattan will be more affordable.

The principle of environmental protection and health: the clothing cap is different to the health of the human body according to the different material and the different surface paint materials.

Surface treatment: at present, merchants in the market choose toxic and formaldehyde paints to save costs and increase price competition, which will cause huge impact on human health in the long run.

Material: metal and solid wood products are generally not bad for health, but plastic products need to pay attention to some of the material or low quality material will have an impact on health.

Collocation technique of solid wood coat rack

Style consistency: the clothes rack is usually placed in the bedroom or cloakroom. The style of the coat rack should be consistent with the style of the bedroom or cloakroom, and it will not be too abrupt.

Color coordination: the color of the coat rack should be lined with the bedroom or coat cap to achieve the harmony and unity of the whole.

Size matching: the size of the coat rack is matched with the length of your clothes and the number of clothes hanging. If there are many long coats, you have to choose a long coat rack. If you hang up your coat, the height of the coat rack can be slightly lower.

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