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Solid wood coat rack landing type
Dec 25, 2017

Solid wood clothes hat stand is upright in the living room, bedroom and other bedroom space, is a practical collection of clothing small furniture. The features of this kind of solid wood coat rack are as follows:

1. structure

The solid wood coat rack landing style has also been carefully designed in order to achieve the smooth. From the component part of the whole, it is mainly composed of three parts, the foot frame, the support rod and the hook.

A round, straight, three foot bifurcation type, four bifurcation type etc. the design, it is solid, smooth contact with the ground to ensure the stability of erect coatrack. In general, the greater the weight of the scaffold, the stronger the stability of the coat rack.

The supporting rod is like the main part of the floor type solid wood coat rack, which is combined with the base and plays the role of supporting. Generally speaking, the better effect is more stable to heavy support rod.

The hook is the main part of the clothing, which can help to classify clothes and improve the order and neatness of the space.

2. advantages

The floor type of solid wood coat rack has the characteristics of flexible placement and can move it at random in the right position. In addition, it also has a good decorative, unique shape can add a perfect room for room space. In addition, this type of solid wood hat rack has strong and durable characteristics, and saves the installation process, avoids the problems arising from improper installation, and has long service life.

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