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How to identify the leather sofa?
Dec 25, 2017

First look: When you see a group of seemingly "flawless" leather sofa, you should be vigilant, because it may be artificial leather. We can

Use specific methods to identify the cortex: press with a fist or force sitting on the sofa, the dermis will produce tiny folds around the depression;

Irregular leather surface pattern, the body left the sofa, the leather will be smooth, and artificial leather to take some time to bounce back; if possible,

Sales clerk to open the sofa after the body cloth, see the internal structure, the sofa main frame should be tenon structure, rather than with a nail connection,

The junction should not be loose or broken mark.

Second touch: through the touch of leather to understand the thickness of the uniform, feel is soft. Leather processing technology on the quality of finished products have a great impact,

If the process well mastered, cooked skin soft and delicate, otherwise hard board knot.

Three sit: Superior leather sofa, each of its parts are designed according to ergonomic principles, cleverly conceived, handsome in appearance,

Liner suitable, size is reasonable (the size of this problem, Xiao Bian suggested to buy with a ruler). Single sofa net width of not less than 480 mm,

Three sofa front seat is not small 1440 mm wide; sofa into the depths of 480-600 mm; seat height 360-420 mm; handrails generally not higher than 250 mm.

It should also be noted that people sitting on the sofa, the waist and back should be close to the back of the sofa with the body relaxed just right, if the feeling is not satisfactory,

Well, even if its appearance is beautiful, it is useless to not use it.

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