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How to distinguish true and false wood furniture
Dec 25, 2017

The sale of the furniture market is dazzling. At the same time, the sales of high, middle and low end furniture are very hot, and the complains are increasing. "Solid wood" and "zero formaldehyde" and other slogans eye-catching, but the wood furniture market successfully, consumers difficile true.

Not knowledgeable buyers fooled

Mahogany, oak wood, rubber wood, oak and Manchurian ash...... How can ordinary consumers recognize so much?  The variety of furniture materials, the ordinary consumer is difficult to distinguish.

In fact, now with the rubber wood posing as oak, especially posing as America oak things is also very common, not knowledgeable buyers easily fooled." Pure solid wood furniture means that all materials are natural wood without reprocessing, and do not use any wood-based panels. "One wardrobe is normal with six or seven kinds of wood." Now, as long as the solid wood material is over 30%, it can be called solid wood furniture, but they may only have some main materials as solid wood, and some excipients are made of imitation wood by skin treatment.

Careful observation and recognition of "false solid wood"

So, how do real real wood furniture identify? The choice of solid wood furniture should be good for the brand. There are three kinds of "fake solid wood" in the market.

The first kind is most common, that is, a solid wood sticker is attached to the surface of the furniture, which is very similar to the pure solid wood furniture from the surface. As long as the consumer is careful to observe it, it can be easily identified.

The second way is to splice the deep processed wood blocks into the "finger plate" as the base material of pure solid wood furniture, and then attach them to the outer solid wood. Some businesses sell so-called pure solid wood furniture, in fact, the use of auxiliary is another relatively cheap wood, do not know the ins and outs of the buyers tend to spend money.

The third category is the forgery that has recently emerged in the market and can hardly be found by consumers. This kind of furniture processing trick is the wood front and the reverse side is thin finger plate, and the center position of the board is all kinds of plywood and even a variety of waste wood. The consumer can carefully check the position of the hole in the hole and handle, such as the pin hole and the handle, to see if there is any interlayer.

The business sector to remind the public, in the purchase of furniture, may require businesses to issue detailed evidence of material goods, and specified in the contract, which not only can effectively avoid disputes, but also can be used as the legal documents on the rights of the.

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