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Different materials living room furniture how to carry out maintenance
Dec 25, 2017

In order to create a fashion sense of home, the choice of furniture in the material is endless. At present, the furniture on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: solid wood furniture, cloth furniture and leather furniture. In the maintenance of the different materials for the living room furniture natural maintenance methods will be different.

The maintenance of wooden furniture in the living room

For wooden furniture, it is most likely to be deformed in wet weather. Therefore, keeping ventilation and dry environment and cleaning surface knot frequently can achieve good maintenance effect.

1, avoiding high temperature and drying

Because the wooden furniture material is natural wood, it has the characteristics of plants, so it should not be placed on can direct to place in the sun, also not to air heating has been "blown up", if you need to close the window, in the strong sunshine curtains lest paint fade, and wooden table should avoid direct in order to avoid contact with hot dishes, food, soup spill damage desktop. Usually keep the furniture dry, often to indoor ventilation, avoid the environment in a wet state.

2, clean the repellent

For the love of clean people, they are likely to wipe the furniture every day, but it is worth noting that, hot water, salt water or water disinfection rinse rag do not more, not exposed to alcohol, nail polish and other corrosive substances, it will damage the furniture surface paint. The best way is to use dusters to the surface regolith, or with a wet wipe cloth.

3, regular waxing

Regular waxing polishing is also very important, usually quarterly key maintenance time. First, use a soft cloth to wipe the furniture surface dust, and furniture polish on the surface evenly, later with clean soft cloth to polish, it also enhances the performance of Naichao light in keeping lasting light and furniture.

Living room cloth furniture maintenance

Fabric furniture fabrics and has the characteristics of easy cleaning and replacement at any time, soft material is not easy to damage, usually as long as do regular cleaning can maintain the clean surface, but if this kind of big mattress, in addition to the normal cleaning work, but also through reasonable use to achieve better maintenance effect.

1, reduce friction in contact area

Many people often try to avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress, don't trample on the mattress, and the mattress to keep smooth, prolong the service life; retroflexion mattess regularly use, upside down or reversed end to end, so that the mattress stress tends to be uniform, the average family 3 months should be replaced once; spring mattress should pay attention to contact parts in bed by placing a cotton blanket or quilt to reduce friction, prolong life.

2. Smooth handling

If you want to move the bed, when placed must be placed flat on the stability, the best in the four corners of the landing pad by stepping specially good, so as to maintain the stability of overall structure, at the same time in the handling of the mattress don't bend, don't use the rope tied to avoid collision force, so as to avoid the mattress or contusion of the internal structure of the damaged surface.

The most feared of the leather furniture is the grease or scraping. Do not use water directly when cleaning. It can be gently wiped with a special leather cleaner with dry cloth. For a family with a pet or a child, be particularly careful with the cat, the puppy's paw or the young child to scrape with a sharp object on the surface of the furniture.

Living room leather furniture maintenance

1. Regular cleaning

Do not direct water: leather sofa leather maintenance is the most critical to breathe, so regular cleaning to keep the leather surface pores are not dust blocking, scrub with pure cotton or silk after wet wipe, the wipe can also use BILIZHU or polishing wax and then spray again to keep clean. If accidentally contaminated oil, usable cotton cloth, towel dipped in the amount of neutral soapy water wipe, then dry with a dry cloth, do not scrub with water. After cleaning, the leather sofa can be sprayed on the special leather cleaning agent, repeatedly wiping the silk with silk to prevent the aging of the cortex.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

Near the leather furniture should avoid direct sunlight, and do not directly contact heat and heat heat, otherwise it will lead to aging and deterioration of the cortex.

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